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Our Worship


  • Before worship begins a bulletin (program) is provided for the worship service.
  • The worship service usually begins with a welcome by the pastor and some announcements.
  • An opening song is sung to help us turn our focus to worship.
  • There is a greeting time where everyone shakes hands usually saying “Peace be with you” to each other. If you wish, you may respond the same way or simply say “thank you”, “good morning”, or reply “and also with you”.
  • There is a children’s sermon where children up through 5th grade come to the first row (pew) for a special time with the pastor.
  • The service continues with more music and a sermon.
  • After the sermon, there is a time of prayer, and the offering is collected (Members donate money to the work of the church.). There is no expectation for anyone attending to place an offering in the offering plate; if you do not wish to place any money in the plate simply pass it on.
  • At the end of the service, the pastor asks God to bless the congregation during the benediction.
  • After the service, there is fellowship time with a side of coffee/other drinks for the children (and adults) and snacks! Please help yourself to some snacks and beverages. If you feel like mingling or if you have any questions, please use this fellowship time after the service to do so.
  • We Believe that Holy Communion is a Special Sacrament.  We. do not celebrate Holy Communion every week, but we do celebrate Holy Communion at different times throughout the church year.
  • Our Senior Choir offers an anthem from Labor Day to Father’s Day, and our Children’s Chime/Song Choir, and Adult Handbell Choir provide special music at various time throughout the year.